Nova Scotia paints over pro-military tribute on Veteran's Memorial Highway


Artwork honoring veterans was painted over by the Nova Scotia government.

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The five modest paintings on rock faces along Nova Scotia's Highway 102 were a tribute to the Canadian military and their contributions to the freedom of the entire world, but have now been whitewashed away by highway maintenance workers.

The paintings depicted a Canadian flag, the Red Cross and the branches of our military inside of a maple leaf. The murals went un-accosted by the government since they were done in June.

But they're gone now. has the whole story:

A man named Colin called into NEWS 95.7's The Rick Howe Show to take credit for the artwork, and said he's disappointed they've been removed.

Colin said he painted them in June along the 102 -- also known as the Veteran's Memorial Highway -- to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings and the Battle of Normandy.

"I wanted people to enjoy them, to reflect the past and the effort by the military and other individuals," Colin said.

Nova Scotia Liberal transportation minister, Lloyd Hines, weighed in on the debacle, defending the erasure of the great murals and congratulating his ministry for the well-done work.

“We are charged with public safety and we are very diligent about the right-of-ways in the province that we have control over," he explained. "Our field staff are constantly monitoring for any kinds of distractions that might cause accidents."

Hines said the paintings would be removed whether or not there was a complaint, but if one was filed, that might speed up the process.

He added any advertisements, murals or graffiti that pop up without a permit are removed by staff.

However, no government lackey had painted over the graffiti already on those those rocks before the mysterious Colin painted the patriotic murals.

Are we to believe that the cheap splashing of white paint across these murals is less distracting then the beautiful work Colin left for passers-by to enjoy?

Today I'll tell you why this ridiculous story is symptomatic of a greater problem anti-military sentiment brewing in the Halifax region, and in the upper echelons of Canadian Liberalism.

The world needs more Colins and fewer Lloyd Hines.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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