NSW may make unvaccinated pay for COVID medical costs

Reports NSW government is considering billing unvaccinated COVID patients in hospital for their own medical expenses.

NSW may make unvaccinated pay for COVID medical costs
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The Daily Telegraph has published an article today reporting that the New South Wales government is considering forcing unvaccinated patients to pay for their hospital treatment and medical expenses.

This is despite all citizens paying a Medicare Levy which entitles them to free healthcare. Medicare is a 2% tax on taxable income. It is advertised as ‘Australia’s universal health care system’.

All citizens, via their taxes, pay for Covid vaccinations, QR-check-in programs, and Rapid Antigen tests – regardless of whether or not an individual uses them.

The Federal Government has already spent hundreds of billions of public money on Covid, while the New South Wales Government is nearly 20 billion in debt, much of it from money spent on the Covid response. The remaining healthcare treatment is a fraction of the total cost, with most government spending given to economic stimulus packages.

The New South Wales government, under the direction of State Premier Dominic Perrottet, is reportedly considering the radical change of policy. It would mean that any unvaccinated person who ended up in hospital with Covid would have to pay out of pocket for their treatment.

The Medical Journal of Australia lists the average cost of intensive care in Australia (for all conditions) as $4,375 – well beyond the reach of most Australians, especially after two years of lockdowns.

If the New South Wales government takes Covid off the Medicare list, what will happen to all the people who cannot afford the cost of treatment?

Listen to the report detailed on 2GB today by Ray Hadley:

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  • By Avi Yemini

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