OCCUPIED TORONTO: Mayor surrenders public square to thugs — but Rebel News threatened with “trespassing” charges

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Toronto and Seattle really don’t have a lot in common, except that both municipalities are so-called “sanctuary cities.” And now, thanks to a bunch of thuggish individuals occupying Nathan Phillips Square, both cities now have so-called “autonomous zones” – places where property rights and the rule of law are not recognized. 

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While the Seattle Antifa hooligans were the first to establish an autonomous zone, it should be noted the Hogtown goon squad has upped the ante, given that Nathan Phillips Square is the real estate that Toronto City Hall is situated upon. That’s right, the Toronto autonomous zone actually incorporates City Hall – the headquarters of the municipal government!

And what does Mayor John Tory have to say? Well… nothing. It’s too delicate, you see.

Especially since the Toronto autonomous zone has declared itself to be – and I’m not making this up – an indigenous "sacred circle," too. Do you think Hogtown’s head honcho is going to dare wade into those racially-charged waters? That’ll be the day. (Besides, I checked the City Hall lost and found box… alas and alack, still no sign of Mayor Tory’s spine…)

I went down to the Toronto autonomous zone to interview the scholars occupying the square. It went exactly as you might expect:

They were hostile, grabbing my cameraman’s equipment, and totally unable to articulate what it is that they want (although a large sign was on display demanding that the city outright disband the police department… gee, I wonder why this motley crew would want that?)

Then again, the mayor has apparently neutered the police force: the squatters are not being evicted.

And even more incredibly, my cameraman and and I were threatened with a trespassing charge – simply for practicing journalism in the public square!

As for the illegal tent city? Nothing to see there, folks…

So, hey residents of Seattle and Toronto, I guess that’s another thing you now both have in common: misery due to incompetent leftists.

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