Ontario nurse shares his opinion on COVID vaccines

A man who claims to be a nurse in Toronto shared his opinions on COVID vaccines with David Menzies at a recent protest.

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A Toronto nurse speaks out regarding mandatory vaccinations: bottom line, he’d rather lose his job than get the jab,

Recently, a few thousand demonstrators, protesting mandatory vaccine mandates, took to the streets in Toronto, just after Ontario Premier Doug “Flip-Flop” Ford formally announced his latest policy decision one-eighty – namely, vaccine passports becoming a fact of life in Ontario as of Sept. 22.

Faster than you can say “medical apartheid,” proof of vaccination is now required for Ontarians to access “non-essential” businesses. This includes gyms, indoor restaurants, movie theatres, concerts and other organized large gatherings.

The demonstrators espoused the theme of, “Stand together; reject the tyranny of mandatory vaccines.” And some of the demonstrators included healthcare professionals. We happened upon a man outside Toronto General Hospital who said he was a nurse at an east-end Toronto hospital.  He is dead set against getting the jabs — even if it means he might be out of a job later this month. 

Yet, how perversely ironic — the very same healthcare workers who were being hailed as “frontline heroes” are now being demonized as modern-day Typhoid Marys. Whatever happened to “my body, my choice”? Whatever happened to “reasonable accommodation”? Welcome to the ongoing madness that is part and parcel of the COVID-19 pandemic...

If you're interested in helping the fight against the medical segregation of Canadians, visit FightVaccinePassports.com. There, you can tell us your unique story or make a donation to support our efforts. Donations are eligible for a tax receipt through the registered Canadian charity The Democracy Fund.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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