Order of Canada: Athletes, Real Heroes and the Liberal Ruling Class

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The Order of Canada has become increasingly disconnected from normal Canadians.

In fact, they should call it the Order of Liberal Laurentian Friends and Family instead of the Order of Canada, because it certainly doesn't reflect the values of everyday Canadians.

It also doesn't honour those people whose values align with everyday Canadians, ones who live outside of the Ottawa-Montreal-Toronto bubble of federal government misery.

Case in point? The newest batch of inductees:

Governor General Announces 114 New Appointments to the Order of Canada

Now, there are some people inducted into the Order of Canada this year who are deserving. Scientists, human rights activists, doctors and athletes. That's fine.

But of the 114 people either inducted or promoted, journalists are clearly overrepresented. 

And climate change activists, and French language promoters, and even the Liberal Justice Minister Allan Rock, who brought in the first long gun registry.

But one of names on the list stuck out to me, because he heads up the anti-Canadian oil Pembina Institute: David Runnalls.

Watch my report to see why I'm sounding the alarm on this inductee, and to learn more about the Pembina Institute's shady history of lobbying against Canadian oil on behalf of big American money

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