Pastor Artur Joins Crowd of Truck Convoy Supporters at Calgary Stop

On Sunday evening, Pastor Art joined thousands of others to greet the convoy on their way to Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates.

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Calgarians gathered at Fying J Truck Stop on Sunday night to greet a convoy of trucks heading to Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates.

Among the crowd was Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who spoke to Rebel News about the injustice of the mandates for not only truckers, but also the plight of longtime schoolteachers and nurses who have been forced to leave their professions over the jab.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

JUSTIN TRUDEAU: Fire Liberal MP Han Dong!

According to CSIS leaks to journalists, the MP for Don Valley North was chosen by the Communist Chinese as their man in Toronto, one of 11 such China-installed candidates benefiting from foreign interference in Canada's electoral process since 2019.

Fire MP Han Dong

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