UPDATE: Pastor Tim Stephens is set to be released from jail in Calgary

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Pastor Tim Stephens is set to be released from jail in Calgary after the paperwork is filed to allow for his release.

Stephens, the pastor at Fairview Baptist Church, has been holding church services that do not conform to the hard cap on attendance at places of worship.

He was taken into police custody Sunday after services for breach of a May 6 Alberta Health Services court order that banned the organization, attendance at, or promotion of “illegal public gatherings” of more than five people.

That court order was initially granted against Chris Scott of the Whistle Stop Café, Glen Carritt of United We Roll and unnamed Jane and John Does — potentially putting every single Albertan at risk of being held in jail for contempt of court for being in a group of six people. Calgary's Pastor Art Pawlowski was arrested for breaking the order May 8 and held for two days. Chris Scott was arrested the same day and held for three days.

Justice Centre lawyers successfully argued May 13 to have the order amended to limit it to specifically those named in it — Scott and Carritt — throwing into question the legality of the arrest of Stephens two days later.

Today lawyer Leighton Grey — astute Rebel viewers might remember that name from the Pastor James Coates trial two weeks ago — from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms argued in Court of Queen's Bench in Calgary in front of Justice Adam Germain for the release of Pastor Tim Stephens.

Tim Stephens was granted release though the conditions of that release are unclear at the time of publication. Stephens will be going home to his wife and children tonight, however, his arrest was not overturned and he will be back in court June 16 in Calgary.

Will Stephens be back at the pulpit on Sunday? Rebel News will be there to find out.

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  • By Adam Soos

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