People Vs. Predators: Curtis Poburan released in Edmonton

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Convicted child sex offender and clinically diagnosed pedophile Curtis Poburan is walking the streets of Edmonton while he awaits trial on his latest offense.

Poburan's crime spree against young boys goes back nearly two decades. Poburan “is a diagnosed pedophile with a history of sexual offences against male children who has been known to attempt to lure boys from parks and public areas.”

Poburan should have been designated a dangerous offender years ago, and he shouldn't be out on the street now. He was released in June from his latest stint behind bars and by July he was accused of reoffending.

And that's where our friends at People Versus Predators have stepped up to warn communities, to petition to have Poburan's bail revoked, and to lobby the Crown to seek a dangerous offender designation for this recidivist child abuser, so that his cycle of release and reoffence isn't repeated against another innocent child.

On Friday, PvP hosted a community BBQ near the skatepark where Poburan's latest alleged offense is said to have occurred. And on Sunday, PvP's Cheri Easton and her fiancé Mike Meilleur were getting petition signatures and warning families in Edmonton River Valley, where Poburan once tried to lure boys.

Cheri and Mike tell me they have had an outpouring of support for the work they're doing from Rebel News viewers.

And they need all the support they can get. The coronavirus pandemic means it's easier than ever for these serial sex offenders to get bail and parole.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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