PETITION DROP OFF: Premier Ford should testify!

It's time for Doug Ford and his former solicitor general to testify

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Premier Ford and Minister Jones should uphold their parliamentary duty, not hide behind it, and testify at the Public Order Emergency Commission.

A judge has ruled that the two parliamentarians can legally hide behind their parliamentary privilege and evade testimony. Many Rebel News viewers think that they should testify, however.

We dropped off the petition with over 3,500 signatures to the Ontario Legislative building, Queen’s Park, earlier today. Just one day ahead of the scheduled appearance date of November 10, a day that should hear testimony from Premier of Ontario Doug Ford and his former solicitor general Sylvia Jones.

On November 1, Ford and Jones sought legal remedy in the form of a “stay order” to evade testimony at the Public Order Emergency Commission, a legislative requirement of the Federal government's invocation of the Emergencies Act.

The parliamentarians cited parliamentary privilege – an apparently constitutionally protected right of elected officials – and said that being forced to comply with the subpoenas issued to them by the commissioner would result in “irreparable harm.”

Judge Fothergill repeatedly asked if this was being used as a “sword or a shield.”

One week later, on November 8, Judge Fothergill granted the stay – in part.

Fothergill ruled that the commissioner's request was “valid” but that there would be no legal consequences shall the parliamentarians cling to parliamentary privilege.

We set out to further urge Ford and Jones, two key players in the unfolding of the trucker convoy throughout the province of Ontario, to uphold their civic duty and testify with a petition at

We submitted that petition in an envelope addressed to Premier Ford in hopes that he will reconsider his position and comply with the commissioner's request.

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  • By Tamara Ugolini

PETITION: Premier Doug Ford Must Stop Hiding

4,139 signatures
Goal: 10,000 Signatures

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