Justin Trudeau’s hand-picked government censorship panel has just declared that Rebel News journalists are not “qualified” to be news media.

Now, you can like Rebel News or not; that’s your choice. If you don’t like us, unlike the CBC, you don’t still have to pay for us.

But Trudeau’s government censorship panel made a ruling about us. They declared — get this — that less than 1% of the content meets the criteria for original news content.

So Trudeau's government censorship panel says, because of that, we are not legally a, quote, "qualified Canadian journalism organization” — or QCJO as they call it.

So, not only does that mean we’re not allowed to attend government press conferences, it also punishes us under the Income Tax Act.

This is an attack on people who have a different point of view than Trudeau or his censors.

Just this week, Trudeau’s censorship minister Pablo Rodriguez announced that there will be new laws demanding that Facebook and Google artificially promote Canadian news sites, pumping them up in the algorithm.

That's why we are launching this petition — demanding that Heritage Minister and censor Pablo Rodriguez scrap the QCJO.

If you agree that the QCJO must go, please sign the petition on this page.

You can also donate to fund our lawsuit against Trudeau by clicking here or by going to WeAreSuingTrudeau.com.