Prickly CNN anchor couldn't believe we pressed him at WEF!

Rebel News reporters confront CNN News anchor Richard Quest, questioning the network's cozy relationship while reporting on the elite gathering.

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In a brisk morning exchange, Rebel News journalists Ezra Levant and Avi Yemini challenged CNN News anchor Richard Quest on the network's ties with the world's elite powerbrokers present at Davos.

The Rebels pressed Quest on why CNN doesn't ask more critical questions of the global elite that converge on the Swiss town annually for the World Economic Forum.

As they walked through the snowy Davos streets, the Rebel reporters raised concerns about the credibility and reputation of CNN, suggesting that paying to be part of the event compromises the network's ability to ask hard-hitting questions.

Quest deflected the inquiry, stressing the difficulty of conducting interviews in such conditions.

He was challenged again on how CNN can report objectively on the WEF when allegedly paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for access. Quest dismissed the notion, claiming that access was a bonus and a part of his job.

The exchange took a heated turn as the pair challenged Quest to provide examples of prickly questions asked at Davos, suggesting that journalists who ask tough questions risk being excluded.

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