Pro-freedom comedian allegedly attacked by bicycle-wielding top BC cancer doctor tells all

Rebel News brings you an exclusive interview with a Vancouver freedom fighter who claims he was viciously assaulted by government-appointed BC cancer head Dr. Kim Nguyen Chi.

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Yesterday, Rebel News informed you about shocking allegations made against one of British Columbia’s top oncologists.

Dr. Kim Nguyen Chi, who is the government-appointed Chief Medical Officer of BC Cancer and a professor of medicine at the University of British Columbia (UBC), has been accused of assaulting a peaceful freedom protester back in 2021.

As promised, in today’s report, Rebel News brings you an exclusive interview with the victim of that assault, who reached out to Rebel News to finally let the world know the shocking truth about who his alleged attacker is.

Alex Lasarev, a comedian also known as Alex the Comicis well known in Vancouver’s freedom movement for his creative approach to protesting draconian COVID-19 measures.

He co-organized a peacefully creepy march against lockdowns inspired by John Carpenter’s 1988 cult classic movie They Live, and Alex's presence on the stage at pro-freedom protests to spread jokes about the state of medical tyranny in Canada has made him a local favourite amongst lower mainland freedom fighters.

What granted Lasarev international attention during lockdowns however, was the bicycle-wielding man so triggered by Lasarev’s vaccine-free humour, that he savagely used his bike to attack Lazarev from the side of the road and wouldn’t stop until he successfully smashed through the passenger side window Lazarev had rolled up in an effort to protect himself.

“He really lost it. He really, really lost it. Maybe on some deep psychological level, he knows that he’s working for the forces of darkness,” Lasarev told Rebel News while recalling the malicious incident that occurred in Vancouver on March 27, 2021.

The man was arrested shortly after the incident but Laserev was informed a few days later that no charges would be laid despite the video evidence of the crime.

Even more perplexing was that months later, after verified whistleblowers identified Dr. Chi as Lasarev’s alleged attacker, Lasarev received a response to a freedom of information request he filed which redacted the name of the man as well.

“I pretty much got the message that they didn’t want to do it because it would make them look really bad because it’s a government doctor,” said Lazarev.

Dr. Chi was appointed as the head of BC Cancer by the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) in 2019. B.C.’s Minster of Health Adrian Dix endorsed the oncologist by stating Chi was an “excellent choice” for the position and that Chi “understands firsthand the worlds of medical oncology and cancer research, but he also knows where BC Cancer has come from and where the opportunities lie to leverage the investments the BC government has made in cancer care to improve the lives of patients in every corner of our province.”

Although the PHSA confirmed with Rebel News they received our inquiry about the alleged assault and would also be sending our questions to Dr. Chi, Rebel News never received a statement from the government body or the accused.

The BC Prosecutor’s Office (BCPS ) did respond to our inquiry, which named Lasarev as the victim and Chi as the man arrested for the alleged assault. The BCPS replied confirming that a “report to Crown Counsel was submitted by the police in relation to this incident” and that the "charge assessment was concluded on March 31, 2021."

The BCPS also confirmed that no charges were approved, adding that when assessing, the “Crown was unable to conclude" that the charge assessment standard was met.

With so many Canadian medical professionals, psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson included, getting threatened by their licensing bodies for publicly sharing opinions that differ from the state’s, it’s natural to wonder how the College of Physicians and Surgeons BC (CPSBC) has handled the allegations made against Dr. Chi.

Thanks to your donations at our special website called, our friends at the Democracy Fund charity contracted lawyer Bruce Hallsor from Crease Harmon Barristers and Solicitors to write a notice of complaint to the CPSBC about the assault on behalf of Lazarev at no cost to him.

Click on the full report to hear how Dr. Chi responded to that complaint to his college and get more details from Alex on how he was able to learn his alleged attacker's identity despite so many forces trying to conceal it.

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