Dr. Jordan Peterson is being censored by the College of Psychologists — help fight back!

Sheila Gunn Reid explains how the College of Psychologists of Ontario, the regulatory body for psychologists in the province, is attacking Dr. Jordan B. Peterson because of his political views — and how we're helping fight back!

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Jordan Peterson is under attack — the College of Psychologists of Ontario, the regulatory body for psychologists like Dr. Peterson, is demanding that he censor his political views.

The College of Psychologists' job is to make sure that psychologists practice psychology in an ethical way. For example, if a psychologist were to take advantage of a patient. But they’ve been hijacked by people making complaints against Dr. Peterson, not for anything he’s done to them as patients.

None of them are patients. The complaints are about Dr. Peterson’s political comments on Twitter. Seriously.

What on earth does the College of Psychologists have to do with Peterson debating public political issues of the day? You can agree with or disagree with any of Peterson’s political views. But where does a group of censors, with the power to end someone’s career, get off telling them what they can or can’t say about non-psychology things?

Of course, they’d never dare to do this to a left-wing psychologist. (And of course, we wouldn’t want them to!)

Not only are they censoring Dr. Peterson, but they’ve demanded that he submit to “coaching” on what to say in public, politically.

Really? Some unknown censor now gets to tell a leading public intellectual what he can or can’t say — and if he doesn’t comply, he’ll be banned from treating patients? No. That’s just wrong.

So, pick up the phone and call this group, the College of Psychologists of Ontario at (416) 961-8817.

Now, remember — don’t be mean. The person who answers the phone is likely just the receptionist — not the people demanding Peterson be censored.

Be firm but polite. Let them know that this witch hunt is against Canadian values like freedom of speech and the right for people to have a variety of opinions, including opinions that the establishment doesn’t like. That’s really the whole point of free speech — to be able to criticize power, not just obey it.

Tell them to drop their case against Jordan Peterson. That number again is (416) 961-8817 — to call the College of Psychologists of Ontario directly.

Dr. Jordan Peterson has changed lives. He’s even saved lives. His books and lectures and videos have inspired millions of people, especially young men looking for meaning in life. That’s why the left hates him — and that’s why they’re trying to censor him. It has nothing to do with how he treats patients and everything to do with his politics.

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  • By David Menzies

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