Pro-Hamas man celebrates October 7 terrorist attack at Vancouver rally against Trudeau

Despite an 'All out for Palestine' volunteer and protester continuously harassing Rebel News at the protest, we managed to interview some of the rally's attendees, including a terrorist sympathizer who thanked God for Hamas.

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On Thursday, December 14, Rebel News was on-site for an "All out for Palestine" protest against Prime Minister Trudeau's attendance at Vancouver's Westin Bayshore hotel for a swanky Liberal fundraiser.

As is customary when Trudeau is in town, his presence was met with a mob of angry people. This time, a group of over 100 anti-Israel protesters gathered outside the event, demanding that Trudeau "act on" the United Nations General Assembly vote for a humanitarian ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, which Canada voted in favour of Tuesday. 

As I made my way through the crowd of protesters to ask them questions about what they believe a ceasefire should look like, my cameraman and I were continuously blocked and hassled by a masked Antifa-style volunteer for the protest and an angry protester who tried to prevent us from getting interviews and demanded we delete the footage we had.

Nevertheless, the bullies' tactics ceased to prevail, and we did interview some protesters, including a man who proudly celebrated the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, which started the war and resulted in the slaying of over 1200 Israeli people, including women, children, elderly, and disabled.

"They really banged them. Right now, they're banging them," the man rejoiced before adding, "thank God for this, thank God for Hamas."

Click on the full video report to hear more from this terrorist sympathizer and others at the protest. And if, like Rebel News, you believe non-citizens supporting and applauding acts of terror should be deported from the country, sign and share our petition at

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