Quebec and United Kingdom slip further into lockdown madness — service industry hit hardest

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Yesterday on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra took a look at two parts of the world that are looking to claim the "most restrictive nation in the free-world" title from Australia: the province of Quebec, right here at home in Canada, and the United Kingdom.

In Quebec, the government has issued orders to ban private indoor gatherings, while shutting bars, cinemas and restaurants for the next 28 days. Ezra thought the new measures seemed unfair to the people who own and work at these businesses, saying: 

Who cares about you? The ruling class is in charge, not one of them lost a day's wages. Did any politicians or lawyers or bureaucrats lose work? Well, of course, many in the ruling class had a six month paid vacation without the work but they got paid. Teacher's unions are aching to shut down their schools — they'll still get paid either way — they prefer to be paid to sit at home watching Netflix.

Not one single child in our country has died from the virus.

In the United Kingdom, the government there snuck through a midnight law that barred singing, dancing and loud music in pubs. After reading through parts of the 10-page document written in the finest legalese (which makes one wonder what portion of the document police and the general population truly understand), Ezra lampooned the restrictions:

Now how loud is singing? By the way, what qualifies as singing? And does it apply to rapping, as well? Or talking loud? What if I whisper a song? Can I hum? Is "la-la-la" considered singing, even if that's not really a word? How about the anthem? Can you sing the anthem? If I'm in my own group of people at a pub, and someone is in their own group across the pub, and we both sing, is that illegal? 

Do you see how stupid this law is?

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