Rath & Company files class action suit against Alberta for illegal health orders

'Our firm is currently proud to represent every single business owner in the province of Alberta or individuals whose private interests were affected in an economic sense by all of Deena Hinshaw's completely ridiculous lockdown orders,' stated Jeff Rath.

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Last night on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra shared his excitement upon discovering a press release titled, 'Wrath & Company launches class action lawsuit against Alberta government for COVID-19 business restrictions.'

"Rath & Company has launched a class action lawsuit against the province of Alberta on behalf of business owners in Alberta who faced operational restrictions due to now deemed illegal public health orders," Ezra read.

This lawsuit follows the recent Ingram decision by the Calgary Court of King's Bench, which declared all of Dr. Hinshaw's public health orders were ultra vires, meaning 'Latin for not lawfully enacted beyond the power of the law,'" Ezra stated.

Ezra introduced Jeff Rath, the head of Rath's law firm, and his teammate Eva Chipiuk, whom viewers may recognize from her recent actions against the Prime Minister.

"You know, Jeff, last time I saw you, you were speaking at Rebel News live, which is our big gathering that we do once here in Calgary and once a year in Toronto, tell us the thinking behind a class action lawsuit," Ezra said.

"The way the law works in Alberta is that everybody is presumed to be a member of the class unless they opt out of the class as they now stand in Alberta up through certification," Jeff responded.

Jeff continued:

Our firm is currently proud to represent every single business owner in the province of Alberta or individuals whose private interests were affected in an economic sense by all of Deena Hinshaw's completely ridiculous lockdown orders which, aside from the fact, there was never any evidence that they did anything to ameliorate the spread of that Chinese cold bug known as COVID-19.

Not only did those lockdowns do nothing to ameliorate it, but the lockdowns themselves have been determined to be illegal.

So in a legal sense, all of the economic losses that flow from those illegal orders are actionable, and we will be seeking compensation from the government of Alberta on behalf of every business owner that was illegally affected by the Jason Kenny/Deena Hinshaw orders.

As a result of the Ingram decision, all of those orders being declared illegal. That's why all the provincial offenses against the churches, you know, against individual business owners like Chris Scott that were charged for violating the Public Health Act, and have been withdrawn and thrown out of court because how can you prosecute somebody for an illegal order?

So obviously as a firm, we're very proud of the fact that it was our arguments on ultra vires that resulted in freeing all of our fellow citizens from that tyranny. And we're now going to be seeking redress on their behalf from an economic perspective.

Ezra turned to Eva, acknowledging her involvement in the freedom movement from its early stages, including participation in events like the Ottawa truckers' protest and the Public Order Inquiry Commission. He inquired about her role in the class action lawsuit, considering her legal background and connections within the freedom community, wondering if such connections would aid in garnering support for the case.

"Everyone's already in the class action, so only those that want to opt out will be opting out and contacting us," Eva responded.

"But I think what's helpful, given that I've been involved in the freedom movement, as you say, is that we're able to get the message out. Even today, it's clearly getting a lot of attention, which is great so that people understand and start to appreciate that there's somebody that's trying to do something for all of the harms that were, that have occurred over the last few years. And maybe it'll entice people in other provinces to do the same as well."

"I'm very eager to get to be involved in this and happy to be working with Jeff on this because you could really see how those mandates affected businesses. They were targeted and took on this massive financial burden for the benefit of the public in general, and nobody really thought too much about them. And so we're bringing some attention to that," she concluded.

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