Rebel News LIVE! Toronto 2022: Ben Bankas

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Rebel News LIVE! is the best place to meet freedom-oriented newsmakers — and just as important, to spend the day with like-minded Rebel News fans from coast to coast.
In 2022, we brought Rebel News Live! to Toronto and Calgary.
The events started in the morning with a light breakfast, then we heard a bunch of speeches. Next, we had lunch, and then we got back to the speeches. And, for Premium ticketholders, there was a VIP dinner afterward with the Rebel News cast and our speakers!
Ben's full speech can be seen above. Here is a clip from Mr. Bankas's speech:

On Nov. 19, 2022, comedian Ben Bankas was a featured speaker at Rebel News LIVE! just outside of Toronto. Bankas made some jokes and brought laughter to those in the audience, talking about controversial topics that have been going around the past 2 years, including COVID and much more.

Here's some of the jokes that he had to say:

Dude, like it's like, I don't know, how do you pick even if you want to get a vaccine, how do you pick Pfizer? Moderna, is it like indica sativa? You know what I like you ever see the people, the couples where only the guy has a mask on and the girl doesn't? It's like, dude, she's sleeping with other people.

Let's be honest. That's not the best reason. And the only reason to wear a mask is if if you want to drive drunk, if you're going to drive drunk, wear a mask because you will not get pulled over. Right. The cop will see that that's either Uber eats or just some loser. Even if they did pull you over, they get to the window.

They see you had a mask on. They were like, Oh, this guy's safe. It's good. Doesn't have the balls to drive drunk. So I like the people you remember, those who, like, just get the vaccine. You've done cocaine. It's like, yeah, I never went to the airport. And they're like, You can't get on this plane unless you do blow right now, I'm like, This plane is going to Columbia.

They're like, You're going to have to do some Ontario fentanyl first. No, I think I think we overlooked with the side effects, like one of the main side effects, which is, you know, that all the people who got the vaccine just wanted to kill the unvaccinated. That was that was a serious side effect that they never talked about.

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