Rebel News LIVE! Toronto 2024: April Hutchinson

April Hutchinson tells the Rebel News LIVE! audience about her efforts to push back against trans-identifying biological males competing in women's sports.

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April Hutchinson overcame numerous challenges in her life en route to becoming a Team Canada powerlifter. But Hutchinson's fight didn't stop there, as she became an outspoken leader in the fight to keep women's sports female.

She criticized her sport's governing body for allowing a trans-identifying biological male to compete against women, who subsequently used those biological advantages to dominate the women's competition.

Recalling a conversation with the male powerlifter who was encroaching on the women's division, Hutchinson said the man was looking to compete on the world stage after 'transitioning' genders in his 20s.

“First of all, it's completely unfair,” Hutchinson said she told the trans-identifying competitor. “If you do that, I will raise hell.”

And that's just what she did, fighting against the Canadian Powerlifting Union to bar biological males from women's divisions. It wasn't an easy fight, but Hutchinson managed to score a victory for women's sports.

The Canadian powerlifting body adopted international powerlifting rules, which bar biological males who identify as female from competing against women. And although she was suspended for two years, she managed to have her suspension cut in half to just a year.

“I could care less if I ever powerlift again, to be honest,” Hutchinson told the Rebel News LIVE! Toronto crowd. Instead, she says she's doing it for the women and girls who deserve fair sport, and safe spaces.

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