Rebel News LIVE! Toronto 2022: Dr. Charles McVety

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Rebel News LIVE! is the best place to meet freedom-oriented newsmakers — and just as important, to spend the day with like-minded Rebel News fans from coast to coast.
In 2022, we brought Rebel News Live! to Toronto and Calgary.
The events started in the morning with a light breakfast, then we heard a bunch of speeches. Next, we had lunch, and then we got back to the speeches. And, for Premium ticketholders, there was a VIP dinner afterward with the Rebel News cast and our speakers!
Dr. Charles McVety's full speech can be seen above. Here is a clip from his speech:

Conservative political activist and evangelical Christian leader Charles McVety spoke at this year's Rebel News LIVE event just outside of Toronto on November 19.

As stated by Dr. McVety, "Canada is a country that I love. We're all here because we love Canada, and to listen to Palminder talk about his love for this country of Canada, I just wish that our prime minister had such love."

Dr. McVety added,  "Because our love for this country means that we live in a country that was cohesive, beautiful relationships, and we were best known for saying 'sorry'. We live in a country that is friendly and fair, and a country of freedom, a country with a bill of rights, a country with Charter of Rights and Freedoms that guarantees our freedom and it guarantees the very essence of our democracy."  

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