Rebel News LIVE! Toronto 2022: Tamara Lich

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Rebel News LIVE! is the best place to meet freedom-oriented newsmakers — and just as important, to spend the day with like-minded Rebel News fans from coast to coast.
In 2022, we brought Rebel News Live! to Toronto and Calgary.
The events started in the morning with a light breakfast, then we heard a bunch of speeches. Next, we had lunch, and then we got back to the speeches. And, for Premium ticketholders, there was a VIP dinner afterward with the Rebel News cast and our speakers!
Tamara Lich's full speech can be seen above. Here is a clip from her speech:

Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich took the stage at Rebel News LIVE just outside of Toronto on November 19. Tamara was a key figure behind the peaceful protests that took place in Ottawa and beyond to stand up against strict Covid-19 measures.

As stated by Tamara, "So one thing I can talk about, and since this is a Rebel event, I can talk about our current media ecosystem. Obviously with my experience this past winter, I had a bit of an eye-opening experience as to the mainstream media."

Tamara went on to say, "We first have to acknowledge a blunt reality, because even though a lot of 'information sources' try to make their audience hyper-emotional and fearful, the world is kind of a scary place....of course, we have natural disasters...what's the cause you ask? A scientist will point to his study, a religious man will point to the sky, politicians point to the people, and the people point at each other."

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