Pro Wrestler's COVID Fine, Cancel Culture Nabs Real Estate Agent

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Professional wrestler Hot Shot Danny Duggan isn’t someone you’d want to meet in a dark alley – or even a well-lit alley, for that matter. But alas, Duggan got financially body-slammed by bylaw enforcement for allegedly breaking the Wuhan virus protocols. Yeah… he should’ve staged his wrestling match in a Costco or Walmart – goodness knows, anything goes there, after all.

Just wait to you hear what Sheila Gunn Reid has to say about this one.

And a real estate agent went to British Columbia to ring-in the new year at a Hugs Over Masks event.

And you guessed it: the cancel culture mob and the COVID-Karens are outraged and what her penalized for doing something that was… perfectly legal? Tamara Ugolini has all the details.

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