Commenting Rules.

For commenting, flagging, and general website behaviour.

Unlike some websites that preview all of the comments before they are posted, we rely on you the reader to let us know when a comment is offensive or inappropriate in some way. You can do that by clicking on the "Flag This Comment" link, which is just below and to the right of each comment. Flagged comments go into a queue that is then reviewed by a Rebel News web editor, who decides whether the comment should be removed or not.

Reviewing all of the flagged comments on Rebel News can take some time, so comments may not be removed immediately. In some cases, the web editor may decide that the comment doesn't breach our terms and conditions, and will allow the comment to remain.

    One account per person.

    A member account can have up to three email addresses associated with it, so there's no need for multiple accounts if you have multiple emails. If you suspect you have two or more active accounts, simply let our support team know and we'll be happy to merge them for you.

    Be civil. No personal attacks.

    Do not make personal attacks anywhere on Rebel News. Personal attacks harm the Rebel News community. Derogatory comments about other members may be removed by any Rebel News web editor. Repeated or egregious personal attacks may lead to sanctions including warnings, restrictions, or even bans in extreme cases.

    Respect everyone's time. No spam.

    Many of us write blogs or manage websites about current events concerning issues facing our society, or are involved with events happening around the world that have the same focus. Whilst we are happy for people to promote these kinds of things on social media, spamming on the Rebel News website will not be tolerated. Repeat offenders will be warned and could face account restrictions.

    If you are organizing or performing in an event, feel free to send our team a message at, and make sure to include all relevant information like date and time, location, ticket prices, etc.

    If you can ensure some kind of discount or promotion for Rebel News members at your event, then get in touch and let us know about it.

    We also recommend anybody wishing to promote their websites or media to try engaging with the community rather than just submitting the information to us and disappearing. Rebel News is not a promotional platform, it's simply a group of people, and we prefer to be treated as such rather than a promotional company, (which is why all ads on Rebel News are self-promoting). Sometimes there's a fine line between posting about an event, media source, or product that you're involved with and blatant spam, but generally speaking it's fairly easy to tell one from the other.