HUGE WIN! The Court of Appeal just suspended the punishment of Pastor Artur Pawlowski!

Moments ago, Justice Jo'Anne Strekaf of the Alberta Court of Appeal threw out the unconstitutional sentence that a lower-court judge had imposed on Pastor Artur Pawlowski, his brother Dawid Pawlowski, and Alberta businessman Chris Scott.

Effective immediately, they no longer have to denounce themselves after any criticism of the government’s lockdowns.

That bizarre order — that they were forced to say official government propaganda after every time they criticized the government — was part of an abusive, anti-Christian sentence meted out last month by Justice Adam Germain.

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Pastor Artur Pawlowski is being persecuted by the City of Calgary.

It's hard to believe this is Canada.

But if we know anything about Pastor Art, he's not scared of the government and he's not backing down. He's willing to stand up and fight for his church, your church, my church, and for anybody who just wants to be left alone by the province during the pandemic. 

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