Secret Yukon COVID quarantine hotel hiding in downtown Whitehorse

The location of a secret COVID-19 quarantine site operated by Justin Trudeau’s government has been released to Rebel News by the Government of Yukon through a freedom of information request. The fourth floor of the Coast High Country Inn in Whitehorse has been occupied by Trudeau’s government, while the remainder of the hotel is being used by the territorial government.

A contractual agreement between the Yukon government and the Government of Canada shows that the feds demanded that the “location is being used for Federal Occupants” and that it should be treated as “confidential and that this information not be used, disclosed or otherwise communicated.”

It was not made clear in the contract why Ottawa needed to duplicate the work of the territory, as the space already controlled by Yukon vastly exceeded any population that would need government assistance quarantining. At the time of the agreement’s signing, and for a long while after, the active COVID-19 case count in the Yukon was in the single digits. The entire territory has had one COVID-related death since the start of the pandemic.

Ottawa also paid for a round-the-clock security detail to monitor specifically the fourth floor of the building, while Yukon was paying another to monitor the whole building.