Trudeau's newspaper bailout forces outlets to feature Liberal talking points

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The mainstream media is already getting its 2020 marching orders from the Liberal party of Canada, and the taxpayer-funded Media Party bailout cash will be the carrot on the stick the Liberals use to make failing legacy media get with the program.

In a recent interview with La Presse, the Revenue Minister, Diane Lebouthillier, lamented the lack of media coverage the Liberals' recieved in the recent election:

"People told me that [the Liberals] had done nothing. We had announced almost 500 million in my riding during my mandate,"

“I could see how the information was not getting through. People were not aware of what we had done", added the minister.

"Obviously, for people, Ottawa is far away at the regional level. They are much closer to the provincial than to the federal. In the media too, the focus is more on Quebec."

Excusez-moi, Diane? The media didn't regurgitate enough left wing talking points to your voters?

Canadians are force-fed the Liberal narrative every day by an overwhelmingly liberal mainstream media in Canada. Canadian super union, Unifor - the one that represents many mainstream journalists in the country- declared itself the official "Resistance" to the Conservative Party of Canada, to very little resistance from union members.

The out-of-touch squawking of a Liberal minister about not enough Liberal-friendly media overage is hardly news, except if that Liberal minister is the one picking the recipients of the 600 million dollar media party bailout.

Blacklocks has the details, and just like us, they say they won't take any bailout cash:

“Tax officials in a document Guidance On The Income Tax Measures To Support Journalism said Minister Lebouthillier would have final veto over which newspapers qualify for aid. “As with most duties and functions related to Canada Revenue Agency programs, the Minister’s duties are delegated to the appropriate Canada Revenue Agency officials,” wrote staff.

Any applicants denied funding may appeal to the Agency. Staff said applicants must prove “a consistent practice of providing rebuttal opportunity for those being criticized”, including the Government of Canada.”

To be clear: for any news outlet critical of the Liberals to qualify for the bailout, the outlet would have to give the Liberals space to spin their version of the facts to readers or viewers.

And you're not hearing any complaints from the mainstream media about this requirement to publish government the government point of view to get bailout cash.

Because, really, how would it be any different than what many of them do now?

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