CBC spreads misinformation, portrays Chris Scott as a homemade legal expert conspiracy theorist

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I want to show you exactly how CBC spreads misinformation, while simultaneously claiming they are fighting it. It’s psychological warfare, and if you weren't paying really close attention you might not even notice.

The state broadcaster published this article a couple weeks ago. It was published in advance of Chris Scott and Pastor Artur Pawlowski's incredible victories for free speech in front of an Alberta Court of Appeals judge, Justice Joanne Strekaf, where the pair's lawyers successfully argued to lift compelled speech and travel sanctions on the men.

In a previous decision, Justice Adam Germain, on his own and without request from Alberta Health Services prosecutors, bound Chris Scott and Pastor Art to utter his own opinions about COVID, lockdowns and vaccines in response to anything the men said that was contrary to the official narrative. Justice Germain also forced them to stay in Alberta, preventing them from telling the world what the state did to them.

Pastor Art and Chris' lawyers, through your donations made at FightTheFines.com and SaveArtur.com, were able to have those two punishments stayed while they appear their sanctions to a higher, hopefully more sane, court.

But back to the CBC.

I think even they knew the sanctions were so crazy that no judge in a free country would uphold them — so cue the disinfo and discrediting of those who stand up to COVID cops and lockdowners.

In their article, CBC goes on to cite a whole host of anti-extremism experts who wring their hands at the prospect of normal people not bowing before the government and then point to a series of lawsuits brought by self-represented individuals who think they know better than lawyers.

One of which gained international attention for a lack of understanding what the words “material evidence” meant in a legal sense, thus claiming he, somehow, single-handedly, through legal jiu-jitsu, overturned COVID restrictions in Alberta months ago — that would be news to everyone still living under those same restrictions today.

You know who isn't in this article — not even mentioned once? Chris Scott.


Because he isn't some homemade, free-man on the land legal shaman. He has Chad Williamson, one of the best lawyers in the country, working for him. Chad Williamson beat all of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's best lawyers on a long weekend's worth of prep and four pots of coffee to help us here at Rebel News get access to the federal leaders' debate.

But you know whose image these fake news peddlers used in their article? Chris Scott, from the stage at the very protest he was arrested at.

And in the greatest irony, I wanted to show you how this pathetic fake news came to be, how CBC tried to make Chris Scott look like a homemade legal expert conspiracy theorist. It's in the last line of the story: “This story was supported by Journalists for Human Rights' Misinformation Project with funding from the McConnell Foundation, the Rossy Foundation and the Trottier Foundation.”

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