Should Canada change its immigration rules? Pro-Israel demonstrators respond

Ezra Levant says just like a march he attended in London, England, 'so many of the Jews' in Ottawa on Parliament Hill 'just wouldn't let go of their liberal dream of open borders.'

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On Monday, pro-Israel demonstrators gathered for a rally in Ottawa on Parliament Hill. Despite the cold weather and 17 buses no-showing on supporters, allegedly because of antisemitism according to one of the Jewish organizations behind the rally, a large crowd still turned out.

Ezra Levant was in Ottawa covering the rally, which was released as last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show.

While there, he spoke to some of the demonstrators about whether Canada should take steps to restrict immigration in light of the massive rallies supporting Hamas across the country.

Setting up the conversations, Ezra noted:

I can't help but notice the overwhelming majority of them [pro-Hamas rallygoers] are new immigrants who have brought with them a hatred for Jews that they were inculcated with back in the home country, whether that was Syria, or Afghanistan, or Pakistan or northern Africa. 

They didn't learn that antisemitism in Canada. They maybe had it fine tuned in our woke universities, but the people marching in the streets generally are not university grads; they're just plain antisemites from Muslim countries where Jew hatred is normal.

So I asked people: should we change our open borders immigration policy? And just like in London, England, so many of the Jews here just wouldn't let go of their liberal dream of open borders.

Watch the video above to hear the demonstrators' thoughts on the topic, or click here to hear their thoughts on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's failure to attend the rally.

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