Skeptics from around the world rally against WHO pandemic treaty

Ezra Levant shares his final thoughts from Geneva, Switzerland, where the bureaucrats at the World Health Organization met to continue discussing a global pandemic treaty.

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The rally against the United Nations' plan to draft a global pandemic treaty through its medical body, the World Health Organization, was met with a protest as bureaucrats gathered in Geneva, Switzerland.

And what a great event it was. The night prior, when we went to the pre-convoy meeting, I was worried it wasn't going to be very big. Well, was it ever as a crowd of over 1,000 showed up.

What impressed me was how many countries were represented here: Portugal, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom — all sorts of different places.

There were political types here, too, including Joana Amaral Dias, a Portuguese politician who is skeptical of the COVID-19 and climate narratives. “Children lost years of learning, elderly died alone in solitude and loneliness in their nursing homes or alone at their homes. It was like a journey of sadness and crying,” she recalled of the pandemic lockdowns.

It was refreshing reminder that not all of Europe is supportive of globalist ideas. It brings hope, that efforts to deglobalize, to get out of the European Union, to reconsider open borders immigration are finding support.

The levels of sophistication and organization at this rally were something I haven't seen before. The stage, the sound system, the planning, the VIP room, the security badges, all of the behind-the-scenes operations were very impressive.

One thing I did learn, is that although the global pandemic treaty is not yet signed, sealed and delivered, the United Nations and WHO are not done. They will not stop working until they are done. This is part of their long-term thinking; when you hear 2030 Agenda, 2050 Agenda, and you think that's so far in the future — not to these folks.

These folks have been as the UN and before that as the League of Nations for a century, they'll out wait you. They'll outwait, say, a Donald Trump presidency. That's the international deep state crystallized and distilled.

As the UN and WHO continue to push for the final version of their pandemic treaty, there are allies around the world who are awake to what is going on. But the bureaucrats love to work away in the background, now that the heightened awareness surrounding the pandemic has died down. The bureaucrats loved the lockdowns, they'd love to give themselves the ability to flip a switch to invoke those powers again.

And that's why we'll keep covering these stories.

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