Small town Albertan jeweller says NO to mandatory masks inside his store

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A jewelry store owner in a small Albertan town is refusing to submit to the demands of radical mask enforcing leftists, but not for the reason you might think.

The store, located in Innisfail, is more concerned about safety and security at their shop, which is why they are asking customers to remove their masks when they enter the premises. The owner, Garth Ingham, told me that his concerns stem not from the coronavirus which has hardly impacted the area he lives, but rather from an unsolved robbery at his store, committed by a man wearing a mask.

For Garth, the issue of masks is one that should be left to the individual: if you want to wear one, that's fine. If not, that's your choice.  

And that's without even mentioning the misuse of these masks by the general public, further contributing to the pointlessness of the mandates. 

I was also able to catch up with Glen Carritt, a town councillor in Innisfail who you might know better as the man behind the United We Roll protests. He also took some action against Antifa when they invaded Innisfail earlier this summer.

As a councillor, Glen said he would never vote for mandatory masks — or mandatory anything for that matter. After all, like he said, we live in a free country, right? 

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