Solar under snow: a warning to Texas

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With Texas facing the kind of cold snap that hasn’t been seen in a generation, and millions left without power, Texans are scratching their heads wondering how to avoid this kind of disaster in the future.

From the left, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been quick to try to sell her Green New Deal fantasy, saying that solar panels and other types of green energy are the solution for the future.

As a Canadian, I have a fair amount of experience with cold and hostile weather. I also have a degree in the science and economics of energy. I have a word of humble advice.

The Green New Deal's “great electrical reset” is a scam. The purveyors of this scam are conspiracy theorists, and there has never been more proof of this than in the last few years.

Renewable energy is impossibly unreliable, inefficient, expensive and deceptively greenhouse gas intensive. Take a look at my home in Alberta — the Innisfail solar plant, a massive array of silicon panels doped with rare earth metals, sits under several inches of snow. Rather than supplying its rated power output of 22 megawatts of power, the plant is struggling to push out three MW.

Luckily, our province has an abundance of natural gas power plants to rely on when the going gets tough — but if the green lunatics had their way, we would be freezing in the dark right now.

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  • By David Menzies

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