Spying for Xi? 43 U.S. law enforcement agencies accept free drones from China

Spying for Xi? 43 U.S. law enforcement agencies accept free drones from China
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43 U.S. law enforcement agencies in 22 states have accepted drones manufactured by Chinese company Da Jiang Innovations (DJI) for free, in order to enforce coronavirus lock downs and police difficult areas, as reported by Fox News.

These drones were donated free of charge by the Chinese company, who experts estimate controls around 90 per cent of the market share. This powerful of a company means it automatically falls under the watch of the Communist regime. While the machines are said to help monitor areas that patrol cars cannot reach, like in New Jersey for example, many fear this is just convenient timing to roll out authoritarian tactics.

In fact, DJI has been producing drones capable of capturing infrared video as early as 2015:

A representative of the company disagrees with the implication they possess ulterior motives, however:

"Some people are trying to score ideological points by discouraging the use of important equipment and tools that save lives and protect American first responders," spokesperson Adam Lisberg told Fox News on Monday.

Lisberg denied claims that the drones would be used to spy on Americans saying the prevention of data transmission is well within the users control.

"All DJI customers have complete control over any photos, videos and flight logs they generate during their operations," Lisberg remarked. "None of this data is ever transferred to DJI or anyone else unless they deliberately choose to do so."

Not only has China's recent accountability been less-than-stellar, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a warning about the aforementioned drones nearly a year ago. As CNN reported in May, 2019:

The drones are a "potential risk to an organization's information," the alert from DHS's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency states. The products "contain components that can compromise your data and share your information on a server accessed beyond the company itself."

While the DHS did not name any specific companies, nearly 80 per cent of drones used in the United States and Canada come from DJI, as per industry analysis, according the same CNN report.

This warning came shortly after President Trump made strong moves to restrict U.S. firms from using telecommunications equipment from Huawei, the Chinese company who still freely operates in Canada, even sponsoring Hockey Night in Canada.


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