A few days ago my cameraman Lincoln and I ventured out to Trinity Bellwoods Park (a large popular park in downtown Toronto) to document the growing illegal eyesore that is the tent city encampment as well as a playground being overrun by drug users.

Unfortunately, I was never able to complete my report.

An illegal vagrant tried to steal my microphone and then sicced his vicious dogs on me.

I was merely filming a report. I had no intention to engage with anyone. That's why we didn't have security with us this time — because my intention was never to get close enough to anything to be in danger.

After all, this is a very large and popular park in Toronto — I never thought that I would be attacked by dogs!

And yet, one of the dogs chewed up my thighs and bit my left thumb.

I'm OK, and the police have charged and detained the suspects.

But these unlawful tent cities need to end. We need to "Take Back Toronto" from these illegal occupiers. 

That's why I've launched this petition to tell the Mayor to enforce the laws and clean up our parks.

Children shouldn't have to worry about encountering used needles in parks, and journalists shouldn't have to worry about being attacked by dogs.

Trinity Bellwoods is the end result of what happens when governments refuse to govern and law enforcement – due to the mandates of their political masters – decline to uphold the law.

And all that is required to fix Trinity Bellwoods and make it safe for the citizenry to visit again is to simply enforce the rule of law and mop up this sordid mess.

This is the same Mayor who built a Berlin-style wall around High Park in May to prevent Torontonians from converging there to smell Cherry blossom trees.

But he has no issue with allowing filthy, unhygienic and dangerous tent cities to take over so many parks? How does that make any sense?

Why does Mayor Tory penalize the makers and reward the takers?

Let’s send a message to Mayor John Tory. Let’s tell him enough is enough. This city needs to be cleaned up.

Please sign our petition if you agree.