Tensions high in Caledonia, ON as “Land Back” protests turn violent (again)

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Everything from vandalism, violence and thievery has returned to Caledonia, Ontario… again.

Just call it The Neverending Story

The misery dates all the way back to 2006 when illegal roadblocks were erected, houses were burned to the ground and individuals were severely beaten as the Ontario Provincial Police were ordered by a gutless commissioner (Julian Fantino) and a premier paralyzed by political correctness (Dalton McGuinty) to stand down, stand down, stand down and look the other way when it came to native agitators breaking the law of the land…

But after a period of relative calm, thuggery is ramping up again in Caledonia. Native activists and their allies, ranging from out-of-town Black Lives Matter and Antifa types, as well as members of Ontario public sector unions, are flexing their muscles.

Recently, social media was abuzz about how this group was going to march from the Six Nations reserve and into the town.

To do what exactly? Who knows? 

This is Caledonia, after all. But townspeople were clearly in no mood for continued harassment and many went to the OPP road blockade to take a stand. The protesters decided to not venture past the roadblock and a potentially violent encounter was averted. For now, at least.

But there are so many ominous signs in Caledonia. Like that church school bus that was recently stolen (and turned into a write-off) by militant natives. That yellow bus — or what’s left of it now serves as part of the native road blockade on Argyle Street.

And then there’s the stillborn housing development that is McKenzie Meadows, which is currently a no-go zone. An excavator was used to tear up the road leading to the housing project… not that one would want to venture there given the number of violent squatters that occupy the site.

Sadly, for the law-abiding folks of Caledonia, this is just déjà vu in which a two-tier justice system prevails based on identity politics.

Now the ball is in the court of Premier Doug Ford. 

Granted, the premier has said the actions of the agitators and squatters in Caledonia are “unacceptable.” But actions speak louder than words. 

Will Premier Ford bring a measure of governance here so that law and order will prevail? Or, like the dark old days when the then-premier McGuinty Liberals were in power, will Ford allow Caledonia to devolve into Canada’s version of Portland?

Only time will tell!

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  • By Ezra Levant


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