Tent city UPDATE: Rebel viewers, community help clean Toronto's George Hislop Park

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Do you remember our report last month regarding that filthy and unsanitary tent city that had taken over George Hislop Park in downtown Toronto? The park was occupied by homeless people and drug addicts and mentally ill persons.

In addition to being an eyesore, the area around George Hislop Park was becoming increasingly dangerous: nearby businesses and residences were being burglarized on a regular basis and there were even stabbings of passersby.

Well, finally, some good news: it seems that the news report we posted on this downtown disgrace actually got the city to swing into action. At least, that’s the opinion of area resident, Miss Suzette, who we interviewed about this crime-laden cesspool a few weeks ago.

Apparently, our report pointing out the health hazards and the crime was just too much for the city to ignore. And then there was the outrageous hypocrisy of law enforcement turning a blind eye to this illegal encampment – while at the same time nailing law-abiding citizens with $880 fines if they didn’t respect Wuhan virus social-distancing etiquette.

So, we salute the City of Toronto for finally doing the right thing at George Hislop Park. The park, alas, remains temporarily closed as the grounds are re-seeded, such was the damage done to the lawn there.

Now if only the city could turn its attention to that cabal of consisting of: Afro/Indigenous/Antifa/Spirit Unicorn/Gender Studies Graduates who currently occupy Dufferin Grove Park – despite being issued with trespass notices several days ago (and despite the deadline to vacate being ignored.)

If the riff-raff can be cleared out at George Hislop Park, surely they can be kicked out of Dufferin Grove Park, too. Otherwise, if you let this behaviour foster, you ultimately end up with, Portland.

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