“Terrorist level”: China's imprisonment of Canada's #TwoMichaels | Joshua Philipp, Epoch Times

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On Monday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show, senior investigative reporter for The Epoch TimesJoshua Philipp joined Ezra to talk about the tit-for-tat embassy closures between the United States and China.

Joshua also discussed what this means for the relationship between not just those two nations, but also counties like Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Speaking about the sometimes-too-friendly relationship between the Canadian government and the Chinese Communist Party, Joshua gave Canadians a glimmer of hope that at least someone was paying attention:

I agree with [Ezra] that the government in Canada has been pretty close to the CCP, but at the same time the security community and military in Canada is pretty on the ball with this stuff. I mean, really, among all the different countries in the world they were some of the first to blow the whistle about the CCP infiltrating your political system. 

Joshua also described the some of the tactics used by the Chinese government to subvert nations, saying:

The Chinese Communist Party in its own doctrine, in its own words, has been waging full scale unconventional war not just on the United States but on many countries. And it uses not just it's consulates in the United States as tools for espionage but even subverts American consulates in other countries.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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