Working with the police when you're a Rebel News journalist

January 17, 2020

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(David Menzies guests hosts for tonight's show while Ezra Levant is in Copenhagen!)

Back in the days of yore when movies were called “motion pictures”, the on-screen narrative was typically kept very simplified so as not to confuse the audience. Take the western genre: the bad guys wore black hats; the good guys wore white. 

But fast-forward to 2020 and it very often feels like everyone’s wearing shades of grey – and I’m not talking movies, but rather, real life.

I speak specifically of certain members of law enforcement here. Because a series of unfortunate events in the past two weeks alone in this brand-new decade of ours has me scratching my cranium… and it also has me asking the question: “Hey Constable, just who’s side are you on, anyway?”

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