Trudeau goes on vacation (again) as coronavirus spreads to Canada

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On the weekend, Canada got our first case of the deadly coronavirus that is raging through China. After getting through customs after a flight from Beijing to Canada after visiting Wuhan, he called an ambulance after realizing he was sick.

The CBC chose to highlight a quote that it was “quite impressive” that he was isolated and treated so quickly.

Really? I'm not impressed.

And now, we're just learning that his wife was fallen ill and is under a self-quarantine, a “self-isolation”, which means she's not really under quarantine.

Ontario's public health officials held a press conference the other day to address the spread of the virus. I didn’t find it particularly useful, but it was a good sign to see that government bureaucrats were working on a weekend. But things like international flights aren’t the domain of provincial governments. That's more of a federal thing.

So where is Trudeau in all this?

Justin was on his second holiday of 2020, taking Saturday and Sunday for personal days. And not a word from any of his cabinet ministers.

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