The ABC's of Islamism: Everything you wanted to know about radical Islam with Raheel Raza

In this clip from last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Raheel Raza joined Ezra for a long interview to talk about her latest book, The ABC's of Islamism: Everything you wanted to know about radical Islam, but were afraid to ask.

In The ABC’s of Islamism, distinguished Muslim Pakistani-Canadian journalist and interfaith activist Raheel Raza tackles the most controversial elements of Islam – ones the mainstream media often likes to sweep under the rug.

Many of today's Islamist movements have direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, or have been inspired by that radical organization. Now you can read about it for yourself in the new book The ABC’s of Islamism, about how extremist ideology has taken over Islam and installed itself in the corridors of power in the Western world.