The Aussie Cossack shows Avi Yemini his latest trick for over-zealous cops

You wanted to see it, so we made it happen ... I caught up with the notorious Sydney icon himself and you won't believe what he has in store for the NSW Police the next time they pull him over

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The Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Opera House and ... The Aussie Cossack.

The nation's biggest city is the home of many big attractions, and then there's this bloke - Simeon Boikov – Notoriously known as The Aussie Cossack on YouTube.

You've probably seen him driving around the city streets in his Land Cruiser, dishing out truth bombs and making the coppers work hard for their wages.

And while many of the public have been enjoying his highly-entertaining YouTube videos, making a complete mockery of authoritarianism gone mad in Australia, it's fair to say that the NSW Police are NOT among his biggest fans...

"I try to make it entertaining because it demoralises the police," he said when I caught up with him recently.

"The Aussie Cossack is just a regular construction worker who was driving on the way back from a building site and was intercepted by over-zealous police.

"They created the Aussie Cossack, I mean I wasn't looking for trouble that day, I was just driving through the city with an Aussie flag out the sunroof.

"Thanks to the police, if they just left me alone and ignored me, like my mother said, she said 'what's wrong with these police' don't they realise they're just building your campaign and increasing public sentiment against themselves?' So, it's like you know, poking the bear".

His channel has grown significantly since that first incident, with his YouTube channel now featuring a plethora of entertaining, and often informative, videos.

"I'm not a terrorist but if you ask the ABC they might say I am," he laughed.

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