The Buffalo Ep. 6: Archery and bow hunting

On today's episode of The Buffalo: Archery and bow hunting are seeing an uptick in interest. 

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And why wouldn't they? With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arbitrarily grabbing the lawfully obtained guns of law-abiding hunters, farmers and sports shooters, and with massive delays in renewing firearms licenses, many people are cutting their losses and switching hobbies to some that aren't on the government's radar quite yet.

Add the bureaucratic inconvenience and constant demonization of the firearms community to the rise of food inflation, and the push by government officials for the public to eat crickets instead of meat, and you have a recipe for a new interest in archery and bow hunting.

Archery is so Albertan.

It's a skill that gets us into our beautiful great outdoors, and one that we can also use to provide healthy, free-range, cricket-free food to feed our families. This week I went to Wyld Archery Pro Shop & Lanes in Edmonton to meet with owner Justin Watson, discuss one of my favourite sports and work on my form — which isn't great, to be honest. But Justin was able to help me with that.

Justin is a firm believer in freedom and being left alone. He refused to close his business or discriminate against his customers during the pandemic and ended up with hefty fines from Edmonton bylaw officers. But we helped him. Through your tax-deductible donations to Fight The Fines, we put him in touch with a great lawyer who was able to have his tickets ripped up.

For more Alberta-centric, Western-focused content just like this, be sure to check out, a project made possible through a partnership with The Alberta Prosperity Project.

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