The Cat in the Hat says: please, don't cancel that

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They call me racist

I don’t know why

Maybe because I say what I think

And I do not lie

I won’t lie to be liked, I won’t lie to be loved

But I’ll lie to get back in my country so I don’t need to get my butthole touched.

We live in an upside down clown world where cancelling children’s books, cartoons and toys is how we’re “fighting inequality.”

It’s not like these lockdowns did anything to create more wealth. All they've done is exacerbate the problems that already existed. With the help of the mainstream media, our country has become more divided than ever before.

We are even told what we are and aren’t allowed to laugh at. Well, don’t let them stop you from laughing at a chubby Ben Bankas in a Cat in the Hat costume. Then they’ve really won!

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  • By Ezra Levant

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