Dutch high court orders politically correct government to cut carbon emissions

Dutch high court orders politically correct government to cut carbon emissions

The Dutch government is very politically correct, very liberal and very fashionable. And today, their top court ruled in favour of imposing legal orders on the politicians of the Netherlands to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Activists argued on the grounds that reducing emissions is a human rights issue. The Netherlands has already spent billions to get their annual carbon emissions down by about 50 megatons.

World carbon emissions weigh in at 37,000 megatons — that's 37 billion tons — and China adds another 50 megatons every week. So Holland raises taxes, builds windmills and hand out subsidies to cut emissions, and China replaces it in a week. What's the point?

Co2 is a harmless, colourless, odourless, naturally occurring gas. Without CO2, all life on earth would die.

I think that the government should comply, and start by shutting off the heat to the court house.

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