The Russian scare of the Freedom Convoy is debunked again, this time by the Justice Department

Guest host: Sheila Gunn Reid

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Previously, in two separate debunked reports from CBC, the Freedom Convoy was accused of being a Kremlin-backed operation.

The anti-mandate Freedom Convoy to Ottawa was a peaceful demonstration which ended when the Liberals invoked the counter-terrorism law, the Emergencies Act, on protesters after senior government ministers alleged the convoy was a foreign-funded threat to Canada as described under section 2 of the CSIS Act.

Newly released documents published by Blacklock's Reporter indicate that even the Justice Department knew those allegations of foreign meddling were unfounded. However, the accusations were oft-repeated by the Justice Minister in public statements.

There was no evidence foreign state actors or foreign governments were conducting any disinformation campaign against Canada in relation to the convoy,” federal lawyers wrote in Closing Submissions to the Commission.

“Multiple messages in support of the Freedom Convoy emanated from individuals believed to be located outside Canada,” wrote lawyers. “Certain sectors of the American political sphere amplified elements of the convoy emergency.”

Cabinet had repeatedly pointed to foreign involvement as justification for invoking the Emergencies Act against Parliament Hill protesters. “CBC reported I believe on the 14th of February or the 13th of February that there was foreign funding,” Attorney General David Lametti testified April 26 at the Joint Committee on the Declaration of Emergency.

Although Lametti claimed Canadian border guards needed extra powers to block roving gangs of Americans aiming to execute another January 6 but in Ottawa from coming into Canada, newly released secret cabinet notes show that just two Americans were blocked from entry to participate in the Freedom Convoy.

And that's across 117 points of entry.

Joining us tonight to discuss Corus Entertainment going woke.

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GUESTCosmin Dzsurdzsa from True North Centre, to speak on Corus' latest Woke sustainability report, as they ask the government for tax payer money.

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