Some scientists are now claiming vaccine-hesitant people are more dangerous drivers


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There are so many positive indicators that things are starting to return to normal now that the very worst of COVID-19 is behind us. Fewer people are wearing masks; social distancing isn’t really a thing anymore; all those silly directional arrows on the floors of retail stores have more or less disappeared – and by the way, did all that signage nonsense ever work in reducing COVID-19 transmission in the first place?

But I digress. For the other day, I visited my friendly neighbourhood Petro-Canada gas station and could barely believe my eyes: those intrusive plastic shields had been removed from the counter AND the guy behind the counter was not masked up as if he was about to perform a surgical procedure as opposed to cashing me out. Hallelujah! Because I don’t know about you folks, but for the past two years, trying to have a conversation through reams of PPE impediments from plastic shields to fabric face-diapers… well, it resembled the sort of discussion the Peanuts’ gang had with their teacher:

Anyway… these days, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – the 2019 edition, that is – and that’s a jolly good thing, indeed.

But hold your horses, folks, because when it comes to the quest for normalcy, we’re not quite there yet. That’s because the vilification and demonization of the unvaccinated continues unabated in certain circles.

Case in point: a new study from some Sunnybrook Research Institute scientists was just released. And get this: the study suggests that those who have an underlying hesitancy to get vaccinated against COVID-19 are the same people who are essentially bad drivers and get into… traffic accidents?!

I swear, folks, I’m not making this up. These Sunnybrook shysters are basically stating that if you didn’t get jabbed with the COVID-19 vaccine, well, your motoring skills are equivalent to those of Toonces the Driving Cat. Remember that little kitty?

Obviously Toonces the Driving Cat isn’t vaccinated either… By the way, are we vaccinating cats and dogs yet? I mean, that would make a whole new profit stream for Big Pharma, aided and abetted by their cheerleaders in the mainstream media:

But instead of this study paper being used to line a bird cage, this propaganda was actually published in The American Journal of Medicine. And here are some of the details:

Using a population-based approach, the study included over 10 million adults and more than 6,000 traffic crashes throughout Ontario.

Dr. Donald Redelmeier, the principal investigator and senior scientist at Sunnybrook stated: “We identified adults who had or had not received a COVID vaccine, and followed each person for a traffic crash requiring emergency care.”

First of all, does that not seem a little weird or downright creepy to you, this business of following up on car crash victims and checking on their vaccination status? And by the way, aren’t we in a healthcare emergency right now, with certain hospitals in standing room only mode? And yet there are some healthcare professionals who have enough time on their hands to cook up weird science papers? C’mon guys – get back to the E.R. – or at least get back to the song and dance routines.

Wow, isn’t that special? I guess if the nurses are dancing these days I wonder if the dancers down at the Zanzibar or the House of Lancaster are providing nursing services? If so, FINALLY, I now have a valid reason to patronize a strip club…

But I digress…

The study also found unvaccinated adults accounted for 1,682 traffic crashes (25%), equal to a 72% increased relative risk compared to those who were vaccinated. The increased traffic risk was more than the risk associated with diabetes or dementia and second only to the relative risk associated with a history of alcohol misuse.

Wow, I’d hate to see the accident stats for those afflicted with diabetes and dementia and alcoholism AND, worst of all, happen to be… gasp! – unvaccinated. Gimme a break…

Here’s another statement from Dr. Frankenstein – er, I mean, Dr. Redelmeier – QUOTE: “Our study demonstrated traffic risks were 50 to 70% more frequent for adults who had not been vaccinated compared to those who had. This does not mean COVID-19 vaccination directly prevents traffic crashes. Instead, it suggests that adults who do not follow public health advice may also neglect the rules of the road.” END-QUOTE

Oh, I’m so glad Doc Redelmeier clarified that getting jabbed with the COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t turn a bad driver into a good driver – you know, kinda like being how bitten by a radioactive spider will give you superpowers a la Peter Parker…

By the way, for what it’s worth, when it comes to getting jabbed with the COVID-19 vaccine, I’d rather get bitten by a radioactive arachnid – even if it didn’t give me super-strength and Spidey senses.

But back to the study: I think this is a textbook example of that which is known as jumping to conclusions. Again, check out the preponderance of weasel words… i.e., the study “SUGGESTS” that adults who do not follow public health advice “MAY ALSO” neglect the rules of the road. I’m sorry, but using the words “suggest” and “may” hardly makes for a definitive scientific conclusion.

And check out this whopper: “The authors recommend that individuals who hesitate to take the COVID-19 vaccine reflect on their choices and recognize how such decisions have repercussions in ways they do not imagine. Strategies to avoid a traffic crash include obeying speed limits, minimizing distractions, and never driving drunk.”

Well, there you have it my fellow members of Club Unvaccinated. Because you chose NOT to get injected with an experimental vaccine that clearly does NOT work, well, that means when you get behind the wheel you likely have a led foot… you might even be drunk as a skunk… and you are prone to distractions – whatever that means… Yeah, these doctors are basically suggesting that the unvaccinated are all variations of that classic Saturday Night Live character, Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer:

Yes, my unvax’d friends… you are all so frightened and confused…

Oh, but the good doctor isn’t done yet. Says Redelmeier: “We don't want unvaccinated people to feel persecuted and are not suggesting they stop driving; instead, we suggest they drive a bit more carefully. Physicians counseling patients who decline COVID-19 vaccination could consider safety reminders so their patients do not become traffic statistics.”

Holy Moley! Does it get any more condescending than that? And I’m sure family doctors are really gong to embrace Redelmeier’s advice and morph from physician to, oh, I don’t know, a new-age Elmer the Safety Elephant next time an unvax’d patient drops by…

Say, whatever happened to Elmer the Safety Elephant…? Oh, yeah, I think he got cancelled in favour of Drag Queen story time…

Anyway… talk about conflating the truth, which is to say it seems to me that the quacks behind this study used two completely separate ideas or sets of information that are factually unrelated to deliver a conclusion that is both flawed and dishonest.

I’ll give you an example of conflation: Jim Smith likes to drink champagne. Adolf Hitler also liked to drink champagne. Conclusion? Jim Smith is a Nazi…

Indeed, I’d love to see the empirical evidence that went into this Sunnybrook study if it even exists. You see, I think these doctors began this study with a predestined conclusion that they were going to make the unvaccinated come across as so stupid they’d be unable to competently drive a motor vehicle. It’s equal parts preposterous and egregious and I would also argue immoral and unethical.

And how will this so-called data to penalize the unvax’d? For example, how long will it be before car insurance companies demand to know the vax status of their clients. And if you are unvax’d, well, guess what: that will be, say, an extra 7% increase on your premium because there’s now “evidence” to prove that you are a bigger risk when it comes to driving ability. It sounds outrageous, but given what we have witnessed these past two years, would anything surprise you?

Enough is enough. At the height of COVID-19, the unvaccinated were always demonized and vilified and treated as second class citizens. We saw the introduction of medical apartheid. The last thing we need is for doctors with too much time on their hands to continue the demonization and vilification of the unvaccinated as COVID-19 mercifully enters its extinction event…

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