Can you be imprisoned for using the wrong pronouns?

Guest host: David Menzies

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My colleague Ian Miles Chong posted a story the other day regarding the sentencing and imprisonment of a teacher in Ireland. And I’ll tell you, I had to read the lead paragraph three times over. I did so because I thought Ian might’ve uncharacteristically made a mistake in his reporting. Or maybe what had appeared on my screen was a preposterous albeit premature April Fool’s Day joke.

Allow me to cut to the chase. Ian’s opening paragraph states the following: “In a courtroom in Dublin, Enoch Burke, a teacher jailed for refusing to use gender-neutral pronouns, pleaded with the judge to be released for the Christmas period.” 

Astonishing. For this isn’t a story about some member of the LGBT community freaking out over some alleged “misgendering” incident – and really, when did misgendering become akin to a capital crime?

Nor is this some story about some he-she or shemale going to a human rights tribunal and lodging a grievance due to hurt feelings. I mean, when you are a biological male and you come across as Herman Munster in a miniskirt during your so-called “transitioning”, yeah maybe one might think that the dude is a mister rather than a sister. And besides, human rights tribunals tend to be kangaroo courts. And it should be noted that these uber-woke whackadoodle tribunals issue fines, not prison sentences… well, at least not yet.

No, Mr Burke was charged and CONVICTED in a REAL court by a real judge and locked up in a real jail with hardened criminals who have committed real crimes – you know, like assault, robbery, etc. – as opposed to thought crimes.

I’m not sure about you, folks, but I do not believe that society must conform to their psychosis so that we don’t hurt the feelings of the unhinged. I also do not want to live in a society where it is a criminal matter if one disobeys compelled speech.

Bottom line: when it comes to the lunatic fringe, there are more normal people on the planet than those lunatics who are telling us what to do and what to think. We need only take a stand to reverse this odious tide.

In a nutshell, when it comes to the immoral incarceration of Enoch Burke, I think of a profound quote that is often attributed to another Irishman with bears the same surname as Enochs – namely Edmond Burke. This is to say, “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.”

GUEST: Raheel Raza

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