Environmentalists destroy nearly 600 mining jobs in Nunavut: Here's why we aren't hearing about it


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Environmentalists have killed off nearly 600 mining jobs in Nunavut. That's 3% of the workforce up there, and not a peep from the national media or federal politicians.

According to Nunatsiaq News, the Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation has laid off 586 contract employees and halted planned work with “no date for remobilization at this time”.

As of the time of the writing of this episode of The Ezra Levant Show, this story hasn't gone up anywhere else. Maybe I missed it, but Nunavut's newly elected MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq hasn't spoken up yet either.

The labour force in Nunavut is just 20,000 people, and nearly 600 were just laid off. That’s literally a 3% jump in unemployment. In one day, at one company. Baffinland provides unskilled, skilled and professional six-figure jobs with their huge iron mine, and they were seeking permission to build a 110-kilometer rail line north from their Mary River mine site to their port on Milne Inlet.

But then, the environmentalists and the politicians got involved.

NEXT: Gerard Lucyshyn from the Frontier Centre for Public Policy joins me to talk about his new report on redefining Canada's internal provincial and territorial boundaries.

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