A study in propaganda: How the left-wing media demonized Trump through photographs

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Do you remember this outrageous story by Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster, called "The Trump Effect"? Right after Donald Trump was elected, the CBC hired actors to go around Canadian cities pretending to be racists, and trying to entrap unsuspecting citizens into saying or doing racist things.

One of the things that always stood out to me (and remember this was done by a consumer protection show called Marketplace, that was supposed to expose fraud, not conduct fraud) was their deceptive colouring of Trump’s face:

They made his face redder and redder and redder.

That’s a form of propaganda. It’s altering an image. It’s literally fake news — just like hiring fake actors to be fake racists. I mean, if you can’t find any racists in Canada, other than the racists you’ve hired, maybe it’s not "the Trump effect." Maybe it’s the CBC effect. You’re causing the racism.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that outrageous instance of fake news, because they do that trick all the time, particularly with Trump.

A photographer with Reuters named Kevin Lamarque has taken some of the most widely-used of these photos, which make Trump look more orange, or equally unflattering ones in which Trump is making a face.

He must take hundreds of photos, or more likely just take an HD video and then select the one instant that makes Trump look like an idiot.

Kevin Lamarque isn’t doing this by accident. If he was this bad in all his photos, he’d be fired. Reuters has him do awful photos only on this one subject — because they want to make him look like a blithering fool.

Trump just had a press conference with the president of Finland.

I first heard of this meeting through a tweet from the New York Times.

@realDonaldTrump responds to reporters question about Ukraine during a meeting in the Oval Office.

In the accompanying photo, Trump literally looks insane.

And I thought:

I wonder if I can check what Trump really looked like at that meeting. Because I think this is more fake news.

TONIGHT I'll show you what I found, in CNN video, and at other media outlets.

What I discovered is that the NYT photo was a lie. It’s hard to imagine a photo can lie. But it can. 

You just can’t trust a word the mainstream media says — and you can’t even trust their photos, either.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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