Yesterday was a great day in Rebel News history — and one of Trudeau's worst

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If you saw yesterday’s show, you know that we had an amazing day. Almost a miracle — at least it felt that way.

It started very early in the morning when I went downtown here in Toronto to the Federal Court of Canada. That’s the particular court that oversees certain matters of a national scope — like the national Debates Commission, which was created by Justin Trudeau just a year ago.

That was Trudeau nationalizing a media institution. Not only did Trudeau choose everyone actually running the debates, they chose who was even allowed into the building, including over 200 journalists:

More than 85 were from the CBC, if you can believe it, plus many foreigners, including from Al Jazeera, the state broadcaster of the dictatorship of Qatar.

All of this was approved by the government of Canada. That’s what we learned in the court on Monday:

That this so-called independent Debate Commission didn’t even vet the journalists themselves. They delegated that right back to the Trudeau government.

The rejection letter our journalists received when they applied for accreditation? That email came from the government of Canada email address: — that’s Parliament. Specifically, it was from Trudeau’s press gallery.

What a sham. Well, Justice Russel Zinn of the Federal Court of Canada wasn’t having any of it. On Monday afternoon, he ordered the commission to accredit Keean Bexte and David Menzies, and off they sped, from Toronto to Gatineau.

Now, for most of the debate, it wasn’t really that interesting. Keean and David really just saw what anyone watching on TV would see.

But the fun started after the official debate was over, when the politicians came to the scrum, to answer questions. Now, in court earlier that day, Justice Zinn said — and he was right — that being accredited really didn’t mean much of anything at all, other than the chance to ask a question during this scrum. And he said, with 200+ journalists in the room, what was the odds that Keean or David or Andrew Lawton of True North would even get a question? He said it’s like winning a lottery. Andrew’s lawyer had a good reply — you can’t win a lottery if you’re not allowed to buy a ticket.

Well, there were 50 journalists right there, hoping to ask questions. But Keean got to the microphone first.

And his questions were great!

TONIGHT, Keean Bexte joins me, after my monologue, to talk about what happened.

By the way, I got the final bill from our lawyers. They worked all weekend, and all day Monday. I had sent them a $10,000 deposit on Friday, and I got the rest of their bill today — another $8,000.

If you can help us out with that, please to go — we could use the help.

Because there’s a bigger war coming:

We have applied for a judge to review the original decision made by the Debates Commission, to ban our reporters in the first place.

That’s the big fight. And that’s the fight where we’ll see all the collusion between Trudeau and his rented journalists, and between Trudeau’s “independent” Debates Commission and his own campaign.

It’s going to cost a lot more than $10,000 or $18,000. But it’s going to be an even bigger victory — don’t you think?

  • By David Menzies

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