America is now a net oil exporter — and Quebec is one of its major customers

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I almost can’t believe it: the United States is a net exporter of oil.

When I wrote my book Ethical Oil, not even a decade ago, that seemed impossible. America was importing about half of its oil. Canada was the biggest and best source; but after that, and some oil from Mexico, it was awful dictatorships all the way down: Saudi Arabia. Venezuela.

That’s why I thought the Canadian oilsands were such a great solution to the U.S. problem — keep the money here with friends.

But foreign-funded anti-oil lobby groups won. The Northern Gateway and Energy East pipelines were killed. Bill C-48 banned tanker traffic but only off the west coast — Saudi oil imports are still welcome to arrive by tanker ship up the St. Lawrence Seaway, and to sail right into Montreal.

Now look at this news

For the first time ever, the U.S. became a net total petroleum exporter on a four-week average basis (-49,000 b/d) in the week ending October 18. The era of U.S. net petroleum exports HAS BEGUN! (or at least is highly like to).

Of course, the US still imports some oil, especially from Canada. I mean, wouldn’t you? Because we have no pipelines to the sea, we can only sell it to the Americans. So we sell it at a massive discount to world prices, and America sells their oil to the world at world prices. In fact —and this is so incredible —we actually buy their oil, at world prices. More all the time.

Here’s a report from Canada’s Energy Regulator. We import most of our oil from America, but Saudi Arabia is next, and then Azerbaijan, if you can believe it. Can you imagine that Canada, with the third largest reserves in the world, is importing oil from Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan?

The bar charts show the total foreign oil imports by each province. Look at Quebec. They’re the biggest importers of U.S. oil: 138,000 barrels a day. That’s up from 108,000 barrels a day the year before.

They can’t get enough of that Donald Trump oil. They love it. And they love their Saudi oil, too. The province of Bill 21, the province that’s banning niqabs in the public service, are buying sharia oil from Saudis and Azeris, as well as their Trump oil.

I’m not an expert. But I think I’m almost an expert on oil and pipelines and politics.

And I know this: the world used more oil today than it did last year. And it will use more oil next year than it did today. And America is going to produce it and ship it and get rich off it.

While our blackface groper and his virtue signallers carbon tax our own industry to death.

Gee, why on earth would Alberta separatism be flourishing...?

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  • By David Menzies

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