The BC Human Rights Tribunal “smashes” Jonathan Yaniv — but they're almost as crazy as he is

The BC Human Rights Tribunal “smashes” Jonathan Yaniv — but they're almost as crazy as he is

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The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal is probably the worst human rights tribunal in the country. They’re all bad, but even those kangaroo courts have their limits.

And their limit was reached by Jonathan Yaniv, a man who now calls himself Jessica Yaniv. (WATCH our documentary, Who Is Jessica Yaniv? HERE.)

I don’t think he’s crazy; I think it’s a pervy act to access women’s change rooms where he takes photos; to get access to naked teens who he invites to pool parties; and, most grossly, where he books appointments with aestheticians who are used to giving women bikini waxes, and he books those appointments as a woman, but then he shows up, as a man, and insists that they touch him.

And often, by the way, those aestheticians are immigrant women working from home. He literally comes to their home, again and again and again. And when they say no, he sues them at — you guessed it — the BC human rights tribunal.

He managed to get them to let him prosecute them in secret — as in, to hide his name. He played the victim; he claimed he was in danger; so he managed to get a publication ban on his identity; so he could continue go to out there and entrap others.

Well, it also happened that he finally got the ruling from the BCHRT.

And he lost. And it’s glorious.

He has to pay each of the aestheticians $2,000 each for harassing them. That’s very, very rare in human rights land. Normally nuisance suits are unpunished, but this was so deeply damaging to human rights tribunals, that this was really about self-preservation. So that’s how it ends.

And what you'll learn TONIGHT as I walk you through the ruling is that Yaniv isn't the only crazy one...

Think about it:

Yaniv was gross, but it was the human rights tribunal who forced these women through a trial. Who’s the bigger weirdo?

There’s still unfinished business here:

Yaniv obviously committed a crime of assault and battery against our own David Menzies, captured on video — and has yet to be charged with that crime.

Maybe now that the BCHRT itself calls Yaniv a conman, a liar, an extortionist, maybe the police will be less cowardly. I won’t hold my breath.

But for now, let the truth be known:

Jonathan Yaniv is a crook.

NEXT: Our Alberta Bureau Chief Sheila Gunn Reid joins me to talk about news that one of the "animal rights activists" arrested for invading a Hutterite turkey farm was an employee of Global News.

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